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Happy New Year & Telling Your Story

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Journal Date, January 1st, 2022 – This article was originally shared on my email newsletter. This is actually the only platform where I really share my authentic thoughts & stories so yesterday, I decided to change that. I normally put my thoughts in writing, share it, and leave it at that. But for many reasons, I’m beginning to realize that in order to continue to expand into my highest potentialI have to brave the wilderness of speaking–expressing the words into existence. 

So instead of writing my Year in Review, I decided to video it. I accidentally made it too long so I almost didn’t post it but i figured I’d leave it up to you whether you want to watch it or not.

Here’s The Long Story Short

Everyone does their highlight reels for 2021 and while it’s cool, I think real stories are wayyy more inspiring.

This year I…

  • ✘ Launched my personal coaching brand
  • ✘ Doubled my existing business’s income
  • ✘ Stared writing my adventure memoir: Worthy AF
  • ✘ Launched a 3rd business for mindfulness
  • ✘ Applied to give a TEDx talk and got chosen
  • ✘ Launched an app
  • ✘ & Sent my first 11b, 11c and 11d

In many people’s eyes, my year would seem to be a huge success

But that’s not the whole story.

I was also…

  • ✘ The most depressed & frustrated I’ve ever been in my life
  • ✘ Angry at the world 90% of the time
  • ✘ Didn’t believe in myself
  • ✘ Felt stuck with no good options
  • ✘ Let the app launch fail
  • ✘ Wanted to give up about a dozen times
  • ✘ And reached a breaking point not once, not twice, but three times this year

The year was nothing short of transformative and it sounds basic but I wouldn’t really say that about past years. And I didn’t set any of these as goals or resolutions at the start of last year. I just chose a word.

The word…Surrender.

Surrender is not giving up on a fight. It’s the concept that: When pulled, push. And when pushed, pull.

And guess what…
You are your own opponent.
Fighting yourself.
Standing in your own way.

Because I chose that word, I finally released every past I thought and emotion that was holding me back. 

In its place was pure trust and a knowingness that I, and everyone else on the planet, could be the hero of our own story.

If you want the whole story, watch the video.

To start 2022, I want you to know one thing…

YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR STORY and you’re here to embody that & express it.

Gabi Robledo

No “buts” or “can’ts.”

You are.

So here at the start of 2022, set goals or don’t set goals, doesn’t matter.

What you really have to do is ask yourself: If I were a hero in a story, what would I do next?

So tell me your story.

Send me an email or DM me on instagram. I want to know because I want YOU to believe it: You are the hero.

I wish you a happy and heroic New Year!


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