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3 Steps to Find Your Soul Purpose

Gabi Robledo, Purpose coach, Mission Mountains

When you find your soul purpose, it fulfills your soul’s mission, feels meaningful, and challenges who you are, not just what you do. In this blog, I’m sharing 3 steps to find your soul purpose!

Note: This article originally appeared on my sister site, Making Mindfulness Fun.

Purpose Vs Soul Purpose

Purpose and soul purpose are two very different things. Both are beneficial, but one is immensely more meaningful and fulfilling.

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A purpose is any aim or goal. And purpose is powerful. Anytime you take on a purpose, you will become a happier person because without it, we will feel lost and aimless.

The only problem is, we can easily create “purpose” that perpetuates our self-limitations or encourages our programming.

Purpose, Soul Purpose, Find Your Purpose Comparison
The difference between purpose and soul purpose

For example:

A purpose could be to start another business. This business is going to be, in your mind, an expanded, greater version of another business you have. This purpose and aim is based off of your gifts and talents that brought you success in the past and now you’re trying to pursue the next logical challenge.

Though it is great to expand and constantly push your comfort (that is the benefit of purpose),  the problem is, you haven’t asked if this is the purpose that is aligned with your soul or worse, your motivation to do it may be simply for success, money, or validation.

Find your purpose quotes
The core difference between purpose and soul purpose

The core difference between purpose and soul purpose, is that the latter fulfills your soul’s mission here on earth and challenges who you are, not just what you do.

The real question is, how do you find what your soul’s calling is—your soul purpose?

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3 Steps to Find Your Soul’s Purpose

1 | Know Your Story

Finding Purpose, Tell your story
Step 1 to Discover Your Soul Purpose: Know your story

In order to know where you are and where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. You’d think this would be the default— how else would we get here? The truth of it is that most of us have become so disconnected from our childhood, our emotions, and experiences, that we cannot actually communicate where we’ve been.

Why does where we’ve been matter? Simple: Your past is the foundation for your liberation.

As you came into this earth as an infant, you were given a soul mission (I’ll get to that later).

Purpose could be simple if it was just about fulfilling a mission. But there’s more to it.

We have childhood programming that adds layers to our personality, gives us an enneagram, but also…it installs a long series of limitations and self limiting beliefs.

So now you have a soul mission, but somewhere within your childhood, limitations came to be due to minor emotional wounds or major traumas.

Some of these limitations act like invisible hurdles that lie ahead, tripping you up without you knowing why. Even worse, some of these limitations an invisible forcefield or barrier that holds you back from the mission without even making a move.

what is my purpose quote
Your purpose is not something elaborate…

Your PURPOSE in life, is not some fancy, elaborate thing. It is simply you overcoming limitations in order to return back to your authentic soul.

So it’s important to pinpoint your past, particularly, your programming, in order to know what needs to be overcome.

2 | Learn Your Soul’s Coding

Finding Purpose, Learning Your Soul's Coding
Step 2 to Discover Your Soul Purpose: Learn your soul’s coding

Purpose may seem like a very mystical, vague, intangible thing. Though its partially true, finding your purpose is not as hard a it sounds because your purpose is actually hard wired into your soul.

There is a unique code that is imprinted upon your soul at the time of birth due the energies that are present in the Field.

To find your soul purpose coding, there are 2 key places to look…

Soul Purpose Astrology

The first, is the location of the planets at the time your were born. Each planet, within each of the different 12 zodiacs carries a different signature. The location of these planets, comets, and nodes imprint this signature onto your soul at the time a birth.

When it comes to living your purpose, not all of these energies matter, but a couple of key components in the stars imprint your soul purpose coding into who you are. These are your North Node, Chiron point, and Black Moon Lilith.

Soul Purpose Astrology Cheatsheet
Use this cheatsheet to understand how purpose is coded with your astrology

Soul Purpose Numerology 

Now the other thing that creates your soul code is numerology.

At the very foundation of all things, you will find a sacred form of math which is numerology.

It was said by Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician most well known for his discovery of Pythagorean Theorem, that “Number rules the universe.”

Pythagoras had a unique outlook at combining numbers and philosophy. As a result, he decided to add a level of mathematics to the already existent Chaldean numerology system. Plato, greek philosopher, was inspired by his numerology system and included it in his book, Timaeus. This left Pythagorus’s version of numerology to be the most widely studied numerology practice in the west

In Pythagorean Numerology, you have 5 numbers for your unique soul:

  • Life Path Number
  • Expression Number
  • Heart’s Desire Number
  • Personality Number
  • Birth Day Number

Though the bottom 4 can be interesting, when it comes to your soul’s purpose there is no number more significant than your Life Path number.

Your life path number shows you the path to your purpose with clarity and wisdom.

This number heavily influences the karma and obstacles that will be present in this life but it will also show you the path that will provide abundance, liberation, fulfillment, and purpose.

Life Path Numerology, Life Purpose Coding
Unlock your purpose with your life path numerology number

Your soul coding is powerful because it is ingrained into who you are. It is non-negotiable, and can be very helpful because our deepest limitations and obstacles are often most repressed and unconscious.

This can shine a light on the most important steps we can take on our journey.

3 | Visualize Your Hero’s Journey

Finding Purpose, Hero's Journey
Step 3 to Discover Your Soul Purpose: Visualize your hero’s journey

If you can see your entire life through the lens of what a hero would do, your life will always feel meaningful and magical.

Sounds simply, but for many, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Your hero’s journey actually begins by first knowing your story like I said in step 1. Once you know your story, you’re halfway there.


mindsethack lifepurposeadvice lifepurposetips purposecoach

♬ Cornfield Chase – Dorian Marko

Think of it this way, when you read a book or watch a movie with a classic hero archetype involved (think Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, etc), the story always starts by showing you the life that the character came from (their past), and through the first half of the story/series, you’ll also learn the hero’s character flaw and limitations.

For example, Harry Potter’s story begins with understanding his past, that he lives with his treacherous aunt and uncle because his parents are dead. He feels sad, unheard, abandoned, and unloved.

As the series goes on, Harry begins to go after a “purpose” or intention of wizardry and eventually, to defeat Lord Voldemort. Now, as he challenges his limits and comfort zone, he recognizes what limitations and obstacles are along the way. Those limitations are all within us, and the physical obstacles are simply symbolic for the things we have to overcome in ourselves.

Here’s the key part: When you see a hero in a movie come to face a limitation or obstacle, do they ever turn back?

No. Because if the hero ends in the same place where he or she began, then it wouldn’t be a story we’d care for.

So if you were watching yourself in a movie or book…when you come to face a limitation or obstacle, what would a hero do?

Hope this blog helped you discover how find your SOUL PURPOSE!

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  1. Gabi, don’t know how I found you but great information. I’m hoping to figure out the three points of my natal chart.

    Alice Robledo
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