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About me

I am Gabi Robledo

 nomad. athlete. entrepreneur

& this is my story.

RV Living Nomad family

When I was 14 years old,

my parents made the bold decision to sell everything we owned in our house, ditch conformity, and move into an RV with my 4 siblings and I in tow to go travel the world 

We began traveling the world in search of rocks to climb, waves to surf, and peaks to hike. We’d go back and forth between our hometown of San Diego, where my parents continued to own a business.

In some ways the rest is history. The following year, we went on to visit Europe for 6 months. We road tripped  to Alaska and back, tent camped in New Zealand, and backpacked the hundred mile tour du moth blanc.

In total, we traveled to 26 different countries. But there’s more to the story than trying to quantify the travel experience.


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Before that, I was extremely…Normal.

Before that, I was extremely…Normal.

Our only oddity was the fact my siblings and I were homeschooled out whole life. We lived in the rat race and I played by the rules.

I have always been an avid athlete and grew up simultaneously playing high level competitive soccer and competitive gymnastics form the age of 7.

I was so passionate about my sports but I was so so shy and had so much pressure on myself to do well, that I never really achieved the level of performance I really wanted and eventually burnt out.

Gabi Robledo, age 10
Gabi Surfing
Feeling the flow state of surfing

The tides turned. 

Right about the same time I burnt out, we moved to the beach, and I quit my sports. 

My mom had taught herself to surf and she started shaking me awake at sunrise each morning to go paddle out with her and we’d ride our bikes down to the beach. It was not a tropical paradise. It was this terrible, closed out, icy cold, surf break.

But when I learned, I found a mode of being I never experienced before. I mode that I now know as flow state

In total, we traveled to 26 different countries. But there’s more to the story than trying to quantify the travel experience.


An Unremembering

Two years after moving to the beach and learning to surf, we moved into our RV and began traveling. I didn’t realize what but I began discovering more and more about what fulfillment meant to me at the same as my peers began losing their sense of self.

I was 14 and just like anyone else, I wanted more than anything to fit in an be accepted but I was becoming alienated.

People don’t understand this part but being a nomad was simply a vehicle for becoming mindful. When people ask what I learned growing up that way, they want labeled, tangible answers that like I learned so much about history because I saw cathedrals.

In reality, I was slowly, and unconsciously I might add, building awareness about myself. 


So over 4 years I started realizing things about myself…

Like the fact that I believed I wasn’t worthy unless I won.

I also noticed that I had this toward wanting to be accepted by my peers which didn’t happen. And I noticed how being in this flow state created a sense of fulfillment from within.

Meditation, gabi robledo,
95% of your thoughts are subconscious and within that, there are a myriad of self limiting beliefs to be uncovered

I saw a contrast and over the last 6 years I realized that I was fighting the desire for self worth in the external world and instead, I was being asked to do something many adults never figure out how to do which is create my self worth from inside.

gabi robledo
Gabi Robledo, founder of Flow State Warriors

Real Worth.

I have to note that that’s not easy. I’m grateful every day for the life I was blesses, primarily for the gift of struggle it provided, not for luxury.

Kids think they want friends in high school but what they really want is self worth. The problem is we’re kinda just taught by society that it’s okay to just get your self worth as this external thing the you can grab at the story through friends and  social media. But that’s not lasting. It’s not real worth.

The path was not easy at 14, 15, 16 and I owe it to flow state to guide me on this path, but there was another aspect that kept me aligned and that’s purpose.


In Europe, my mom and I co-founded Nomads With A Purpose…

Which has grown to be a multi-media adventure travel brand with more than 30,000 readers per month.

The blog started as a hobby but by 2018, at 17, my mom and I I became committed to making this hobby a business.

It was a passion but more-so it was a purpose. I had a vision for what I wanted to create and I wanted the long term goal more than I want the short term goal.

Nomads With A Purpose Co founders

To wrap that all up, after those 6 years I basically create this personal philosophy on what it takes to lead a truly self-fulfilling life.

It was like walking a tightrope, if you just stare at the end of the line (which is your vision, your purpose), I was balanced, disciplined, powerful, and unwavering. And this is precisely the warrior mindset.

I was 14 and just like anyone else, I wanted more than anything to fit in an be accepted but I was becoming alienated.

Flow State through climbing and surfing specifically gave me my personal power and as long as I had that, I could stay true to my highest self.

This is still my primary philosophy in life. Im not perfect. I din’t have it all figured. I’m twenty after all. My aim has evolved, my awareness has evolved.

We all have a warrior within us.

A warrior doesn’t worry about whether they are enough for the world. Whether they’re wealthy enough, attractive enough, or smart enough. A warrior knows and can release attachment to that to be truly present in their life. A warrior is aligned to a goal greater than oneself. Emotions may come and emotions go but they surrender to the challenges of life and they tune out the unnecessary distractions.

In the end, a warrior constantly seeks to become their highest self.

I’m here to help you redefine success, expand their consciousness, and unlock the warrior within.

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