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Climbing mindset training

Mindset for Climbers

Climbing should SERVE you, not STEAL from you. I help you find greater joy, bravery, and purpose on the wall.

Discover the different coaching, training, and programs I offer that can help you or your group climb harder grades without just training harder, find more joy on the wall, and use climbing as fuel for living a life you’re excited about.

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Events & Festivals

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Private Workshops

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Self Paced Programs

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1:1 Coaching

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Are You a Climber?

Want to Feel More Fearless So That You Can:

  • Eliminate nervousness, stress, and anxiety on the sharp end
  • Try and accomplish bigger/harder routes and live your adventure
  • Have more fun in the process on lead climbing!

Fearless on Lead is my mindset program that helps you understand your subconscious fears and rewire your brain into BRAVERY, CONFIDENCE, and JOY.

Private Workshops

Want to make breakthroughs in your climbing & mindset? Can’t make it to one of the events I’m hosting clinics at? Want a personalized experience for a small group?

I’ve got something for you!

Me and my team offer private workshops dedicated to getting your group the ultimate mind-body climbing & mindset transformation experience.

My private workshops are catered to helping you feel fearless on lead, find more fulfillment in climbing, and use climbing to teach mindfulness.

With personalized location and curriculum planning, we can meet you where you need us, literally and metaphorically. In small groups, we can create a more intimate coaching environment where we can create big results for big adventures in a short amount of time!

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Fearless on Lead live clinic

Events, Workshops & Festivals

Climbing events are an amazing way to learn and practice the transformational mindset techniques I teach in my online programs.

Each year, I try to host workshops at gyms, festivals, and events across the USA. This is a great place to come master your mindset and learn other great climbing skills at the same time.

In-person events where our energy is extra empowering. We learn together, climb together, and can have fun together afterward! 

Are you a climbing facilitator like a gym executive, a festival/event coordinator, or a retreat owner? Find out about hiring me for your next climbing event!

Transform Your Limitations

& Achieve Your Climbing Goals Faster

With 1:1 Coaching:

  • You feel like you’ve been working on your mindset for a while now but still run into the same struggles
  • Your mindset has worked in the past, but you don’t have the confidence you used to have when it comes to your next goals
  • You know you’re capable, but for some reason, you still battle self-doubt!

With 1:1 coaching, let me help you get to the root and find trust and confidence in your climbing. I help you revolutionize your mind-body connection and shifts subconscious patterns to reach the next level of BRAVERY, CONFIDENCE, and JOY.

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