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Private Workshops & Trips

Want to make breakthroughs in your climbing & mindset? Can’t make it to one of the events I’m hosting clinics at? Want a personalized experience for a small group? I’ve got something for you!

Me and my team offer private workshops dedicated to getting your group the ultimate mind-body climbing & mindset transformation experience.

Here’s what we do in our private workshops:

What’s Included:

  • 2-hour on-the-ground mindset clinic
  • Fun climbing experience to apply clinic lessons
  • Done-for-you insights into your limiting beliefs
  • Personalized small group coaching experience
  • Good vibes and a great experience

Not Included:

  • Climbing Equipment
  • Climbing Guides
  • Park Passes (Required for National Parks)
  • Transportation


  • Camping/accommodation pre-chosen & reserved
  • Dinners provided

Get Customized Mindset & Mindfulness Training

Our private workshops are catered to helping you feel fearless on lead, find more fulfillment in climbing, and using climbing to teach mindfulness.

Personalized for You!

With personalized location and curriculum planning, we can meet you where you need us, literally and metaphorically. In small groups, we can create a more intimate coaching environment where we can create big results for big adventures in a short amount of time!

What to Expect 

In our private workshops, think “climbing trip with the girls!”

We want this to be a fun experience where you feel supported and encouraged in the process of personal growth and working to overcome fears.

Start times vary depending on the style, however we typically meet at 8am. Half days are 4-8 hours and Full days are up to 12 hours. 

Depending on your dates, location, and timeframe will dictate how we meet up and plan. Start by inquiring below so we can get an idea of what you want to see in your private trip.

Robyn, Isabelle and Gabi Robledo

Meet Your Coaches

You’ll be working with the wonderful women on my team, which happens to my mom and my sister.

Robyn (left), Isabelle (middle), and I (right) have all been climbing for 8 years now and are highly really passionate about adventure and personal growth. We see climbing as one of the best ways to live a good life and grow as people at the same time.

We love supporting climbers in addressing their fears, recognizing negative inner dialogue, and practicing mind-body-spirit wellness in relation to climbing so they can feel confident on the sharp end, reach their peak potential, and find the expression of rock climbing that feels most enjoyable to them.

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