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Anxiety Clearing Course


With this course, unlock optimal health, optimal happiness, and tap into your true manifestation powers by releasing your stress & anxiety through brainwave mastery.


Most of us are striving to achieve optimal happiness. We have dreams, desires, and things we only wish we could manifest.

The problem is, most people fall short.

They say manifestation doesn’t work. Their dreams are just—well, dreams. Their desires seems too far out of reach.

Why does this happen?

Well, it’s because trying to be happy & manifest what you want without resolving stress and anxiety is like running on a treadmill — you’re stuck in one place.

Do you feel like stress or anxiety leaves you constantly feeling heavy and weighed down?

Do you catch yourself feeling frustrated by how reactive you are to life’s obstacles?

Or maybe…

You feel so unable to tap into creativity, flow, or relaxation?

Trust me, I get it.

This course is here to change that.

In this course, I compiled together powerful techniques and methodologies that will help you:

  • Eliminate anxiety by resolving core negative belief
  • Reduce stress with O.U.T Formula techniques
  • Realign to your core energy so you can feel lighter and happier,
  • Rewire your brain to for rapid manifestation powers
  • Optimize your brain’s neuropathways to feel happier every single day
  • & Finally, unleash your true frequency of joy, compassion, and peace.

In this course, you’ll learn:

Brainwaves Basics

Learn how brainwaves affect your life and how mastering them can create more joy and excitement

The Key to Fulfillment

Learn why Gamma state, our highest frequency is the secret to living a fulfilling life and how to access it

Chakra Healing

Understand how brainwaves affect your chakras and how to unblock them with the practices inside

Get O.U.T. of Beta

Learn how to get out of your most stressful brain state with my O.U.T. formula for more creativity, insight, and interconnectedness

Creative Enlightenment

Uncover your true, unique sense of creativity and power in your sacral chakra by optimizing your Theta state and tuning into to your inner self.

Deep Intuition

Discover how to access your deepest insights, creativity, & vision by learning how to enter your Third Eye state.

What’s Included:

In this course you’ll receive all the content you’ll need to manifest more abundance, joy, connection, transformation, and intuition into your life. This includes:

  • Unlimited Access to The Get O.U.T. of Beta Workshop
  • Instant Access to the Stress & Anxiety Clearing Workbook
  • The Going Gamma Workbook
  • The Binaural Beats Cheatsheet
  • Full Access to the Energetic Healing Masterclass
  • The Binaural Beats Cheatsheet
  • PLUS Get Unlimited Access to the Daily Warrior Protocol 3-Pack


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