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Fearless on Lead Accelerator: Overcome Fear of Lead Climbing


Fearless on Lead is a 1 hour webinar masterclass that gives you an an exact roadmap to overcome any fear of leading that’s holding you back from really enjoying climbing.

FEARLESS on LEAD is for you if you’re someone who…

  • Can’t relax on the sharp end, getting nervous on the ground before starting and limbs shaking when they clip their draws
  • Charge fearlessly on lead but yet, gets stressed to death in the moments before falling
  • OR…Is “good” at leading but you don’t actually LOVE leading because falling feels like failure, incompetence, or like you’re not good enough.

You’ll discover…

  • The real fear that’s weighing you down on the rock
  • How childhood programming is influencing your lead climbing
  • How you could instantly climb 3-4 grades harder
  • The stress addiction that’s hijacking your life and climbing


I’m sharing my 3-Step strategy to overcome fear on lead so that you can finally enjoy the experience of rock climbing and feel confident and brave on the sharp end, instead of feeling stressed, nervous, or anxious.


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