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The Fool’s Paradise

Fool's Paradise, Musing by Gabi Robledo

June 16th, 2022 – Inspired by the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon, I wrote this with no intention to share it. It is neither writing or poetry, it is simply the unfolding of my perception.

I’d like to invite you to reawaken your crown chakra and surrender to your mission with these words that my higher dimensional self channeled down to me.

You can listen and watch the unfolding of this piece in the video below where I did my best to try and express the depth of what I felt writing this through image and sound…or create your own perception of my words by reading on below.

Will you surrender to the fate of destiny—God’s creation eternally unfolding in present with the elegance of silk ribbon twirled through the sky.

Will you surrender to the mystics of Sky—the gatekeepers of divinity reminding you,
at EVERY moment in time,
that this is heaven on earth,
what you are doing is RIGHT,
and life is both a miracle and a deception of lies.

Will you surrender to knowing that everything is perfect—everything right here is happening for a reason.

Will you surrender to the naïveté of illusion—the false reality you see, the flaw of perception, and your own self-deceit.

Will you surrender? Will you receive? Will you dance with the ether and sing with the spirits to finally, once and for all, see that your Being is no accident?

You are here on purpose. No pressure to succeed at it.
No need to prove it.

You are here to see this.
You are here to breathe it.

Will you sit at the mountains and marvel at the mystery?
Fulfill all your dreams and have faith despite the misery?

Will you see with your mind and feel outside your body—
see truth in the lies, and welcome the fallacy.

You cannot know and that is alright.

It is a fool’s paradise and a seeker’s demise.

So will you have the courage to open your third eye
and have the faith to see that pain is the prize?

To quit would be unwise
Yet surrender is your reprise 
Because life is creation
A mission for you to realize.


Will you reprise?

Will you come back to and into your original existence? Will you return to your birthright and find order in the chaos, find creation in the confusion, find mystery in the misery?

Will you turn every moment into meaning and see that you ARE the fate of destiny?

You ARE the miracle of a silk ribbon twirled through the sky,
the gatekeeper of divinity, the ether and actor amongst some great “I.”

Will you reprise?

I admit and submit.

It’s a seeker’s demise and I wish I could go back to the fool’s paradise.

But if perfection is unfolding—if I sit beneath mountain and feel the wholeness of a piece clicking into place, as a butterfly orbits a flower before perching on the petals—the virtue of purity interacting, then how could I say it is misery?

How could I believe in the fallacy of accident when the mountain’s sublimity needs no explanation.

Wholeness is virtue by means of the fool’s paradise, made mystic by the duality of opposing sights.

So I will surrender.

Surrender to the illusion of my own self-deceit.

I will dance with with the ether and sing with the spirits, because if it is both destiny and the unknown unfolding, there’s nothing to know and nothing fear.
Nothing to resist.

I will surrender to the Sky
and stop running away from this fool’s paradise.

I’ll find peace in the pain
and stability in not-knowing.
Because perfection is the duality of both shrinking and growing.



I can’t go back. 

No way forward other than to reprise.

I could stop believing—See it all as fiction
Widen this division
Never fulfill life’s vision.

I feel Rejected,
and Disconnected.

People are confusion,
And reality— demented.

But when I look at mountains with a muse of mystery,
I can’t help but see oneness as a certainty.

Your soul is perfection,
divinely protected,
It may very well be all an illusion, energy fragmented.
But I’d rather die believing than give up on this mission.


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